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Dark Time Sunshine & Reva DeVito - Never Cry Wolf


Last Friday Night

My first night out in Seoul was spent in Hongdae. If you go back to the beginning of this blog, you will find that it was spent with my new co-workers. I don’t remember the specific clubs that we went to, but I do remember that I got extremely hammered, threw up, and got lost on my way back home. It was kinda scary, but considering that everything worked out it was also fun, as well as a memory that I already cherish.

Last Friday was my last night out in Seoul. Matt came out from Suwon, as we started the evening by going out to the Korean barbeque place across the street that Lawra and I have become regulars at. We had been going there almost every Friday night for the last few months. From there, we bussed it to Hongdae, where our first stop was the mini-stop to grab some Red Bulls. Can’t run low on fuel on your last night out in Seoul. After that, we went to Brickx. Brickx is a club that I’ve only been to once or twice, but I enjoy the atmosphere. It’s dark, decorated in black and white psychadelic designs and I like the drum ‘n bassy electronic music they play. I also learned that they have a whole range of drinks with silly sexual names like “I wanna fuck Santa” and the “wet pussy”. We had a couple of them and decided to head to a noreybang.

The noreybang we chose was the same one that we went to on Christmas day. We stayed there for an hour, drinking soju & Cass, dancing with tamborines, and singing like tone-deaf fools (myself, at least). After that, or before that I remember getting a kebab from a nice street vendor. From there, we went back to a place that we hadn’t been in a few months: Free Bird. Free Bird is the first place that we saw The Studs Lonigan Experience, a funk and soul cover/party band that we’ve seen at least 4 times; Mainly because Matt is buddies a few of the guys. There was some Korean rock band playing, but we opted for going outside and chilling on the patio. We had a few brews and chatted outside. Matt & I chatted had some convo about plans post Korea and aspirations to work in film. At some point I realized that Lawra had been in the bathroom for a while so I should probably go check on her. After finding her, we came back to Matt talking to some Korean lesbian punk rockers who were trying to solicit him with their shitty recordings on their iphone. And so we made our way outta that place.

Some waters were drank and I believe another kebab was had. From there, we made our way to a fancy noreybang that we had never been to before. It was very pink and glamorous on the outside. It looked like a hotel. On the inside, the floors had glass which you could see through and notice that there were miniature villages inside. As you walked along the floor, you felt like it could break at any moment. We made our way to our noreybang room and sang some more sloppy, silly, drunken hits. As we left this place, the mutual consensus was that our energy was running low. Ironically, the sun was also coming up. Where did all the time go, we wondered. Someone acknowledged that it was actually 6:30 in the morning. In the euphoric haze, we made our way to the main street, and then to a bus stop that would take us home.

My last night out in Seoul was spent in Hongdae. It was the latest that I’ve ever stayed out in Korea, and I didn’t throw up. It was easily one of the best nights spent during my time there. It was spent with only two others, but these two were the two whose company I have appreciated the most during my time in Korea.

I’m gonna miss the Korean barbeque. I’m gonna miss the noreybang action. And I’m sure I’m gonna miss the kebabs on the streets. But none of that shit would’ve meant anything had I not have been lucky enough to share it with those two.

Kom-bae  !

My K-Rainbow kids drew me goodbye cards. Sentimental tear to my eye.

Psychadelic trashcan, compliments of Pizza School & Chicken Lady

The Golden Rule

I’m sure that most people would claim that the best part of going out in Hongae is the nightlife; the clubs and bars that make it one of the most well known party spots in all of Seoul. Personally, my favorite reason for going out there was always the street food. More often than not, the highlights in my nights out in Hongdae would come from me leaving whichever crowded nightclub (FF, GoGos, etc.), and taking a breather by myself to go out to the street where the vendors waited. Mostly always, I would go for a schwarma, also known as a kebab. Last Saturday was no exception.

"What do you think is the secret to making the perfect schwarma?" I inquired to the middle eastern man as he crafted my tasty wrap. His answer, as simple as it was, surprised me, but also left me perfectly satisfied.

Every time that I make one, I try to make one that I would want to eat.”  

Apparently, a kindergarten concept can carry one throughout their career.

Returners - Do you ?


Sonnymoon - Run Away

And in true Korean fashion, unbeknownst to them, with perfect irony, a farewell present from one of my kindergarten moms; Anti-Aging Cream.

She made one, I made one.

Namsan Tower Tourist Shot

Most Asked Question of the Year

                                           Mistah Jake, Why you no hair ?

The Rascals - A Beautiful Morning

In one of my classes, we were reading a story about how crayons were made. I found this video that I thought would be cool to help illustrate the process. I’m pretty sure that I enjoyed this video more than they did. There’s somethin’ about sweet jazz and Mr. Roger’s soft voice.